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Taking the initiative to make funeral arrangements in advance provides you with the invaluable opportunity to carefully explore all available options and create a service that truly reflects your individuality. If you find yourself uncertain about preplanning, here are a few additional reasons why it can be a beneficial choice.


It’s Simple

It’s as simple as completing a form or meeting with one of our staff members to put your plan in place. No matter your age, anyone can plan, and you can make changes whenever you wish.


You Relieve the Burden

Preplanning relieves your family of that burden, so they can focus on grief and remembrance.


You’re in Control

When you preplan, you’re in control of creating a unique celebration of life. You also can include your family members in the planning, so the service reflects their wishes and needs as well.


There are Prepay Options

Once your plan has been decided on, your payments will be made directly to an insurance pre-need company that will hold them until the death occurs. Prepaying generally means you save money since you’re protected from inflation and price changes, and it also gives your family members peace of mind knowing that the funeral expenses are taken care of.


How to Begin

Check out our planning checklist to see all your options. Then, you can plan online using our form or you can schedule a meeting with our staff to plan your personalized service details.

Additionally, we keep a record of your preplanned arrangements and prepayments, and they’re easily transferable to any funeral home in the United States if you were to move.

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